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Calgary Web Design & The Way We Do Business in 2019

Web design is the art of creating websites and involves many steps, including the layout of the webpage, the content, and graphic design. Web design is a division of the broader category of web development. Web designers are professionals who use a markup language referred to as HTML. HTML tags help to define the content of each page that is created. HTML also sets the parameters of metadata inclusion. Web design involves the use of CSS (cascading style sheets) to form the layout and the appearance of the page. Web designers are proficient in the art of using these codes and languages to complete masterful web pages that serve a variety of purposes on the Internet.

A web designer works closely with their clients, helping them to achieve the vision they have for their webpages. Clients start the spark of ingenuity and the web design team fans the flame of inspiration. When the two are combined, the results are intuitive webpages that, not only serve their purpose to educate or provide services but also engage the audience.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Many trends come, go, and evolve in the art of website design. Being able to stay informed of the ever-changing design climate is crucial for any web designer. The crux of our focus is weeding out, growing trends from those that remain stationary so we can provide our clients with the effective web design services they expect.

Today, the Internet is a vast expanse that is fully saturated with content. While the range of information is beneficial to users, this also produces a higher level of expectation. Dull webpages simply will not work-out in 2019.

Our approach uses a combination of stable foundational practices and current trends to create the most amazing experiences for visitors. We work to provide a webpage that immerses the visitor from the moment the page loads.

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We Help You Gain and Keep Their Attention

It has been proven the attention span of online users is around six seconds. If your web page cannot engage them from the first second it loads, they will click to find your competitor. Our expert web design team is focused on helping you achieve your goals, increase your brand, and improve your search engine rank. Our systematic approach, with attention to every detail, is what helps us stand out from the rest.

We are devoted to providing our clients with a centric focus of superior quality that offers them the results they expect from our services. We treat each client as if they are our only client, from the start to the completion of their project, and beyond.

Calgary Web Design Professionals

Web Design – SEO and PPC

Search engine optimization is more vital than ever before. With Google algorithms changing on a seemingly daily basis, staying knowledgeable of the best SEO practices is crucial for any web designer. Our goal is to help your web pages naturally rise as high as possible in search engine results.

We only employ white hat SEO strategies. We hold our designers to the highest level of accountability. Our approach helps your pages to gain the attention they deserve, without the fear of dropping in rank or becoming blacklisted by a search engine.

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From keyword research to content creation, we have you covered in every integral area of SEO. We mould your webpages to provide users with the best experience imaginable. SEO practices change on a regular basis, so we change with them. You will never find our approach is stagnant or outdated because our designers and SEO experts are consistently working at the threshold of SEO advances.

PPC Campaigns Take Your Pages to the Next Level

Allow us to take over your PPC campaigns and make them more effective so you get real results you can rely on.

Our full focus is making sure you become an online leader in your industry with the highly specific keywords that are integral for the industry and audience. Not only do we create successful PPC campaigns, but we also take care of all of the management tasks for our clients.

PPC campaigns can either make or break a marketing campaign. We are a target-driven company that focuses on helping you achieve the best results possible. Successful PPC campaigns must be created with intuitiveness and careful strategy.

Web Design – Web Development & Technical SEO

Why hire two different companies to manage webpage design and SEO? Unfortunately, we talk to clients every day who have gone this route and ended up with unexpected results.

Our company’s full focus is on helping our clients with web design that is formed around the preeminent SEO practices so they are able to experience the highest level of organically-driven traffic to their pages.

Our web developers are some of the best in the business. They are fully educated on the latest and best SEO practices and strive to maintain the highest level of expertise in the field. They take web development to the next level by incorporating effective SEO strategies from the start.

Technical SEO Strategies Help Your Pages Naturally Rise in Rank

It takes a concerted team effort to employ the most effective technical SEO strategies. With the Internet landscape continuously evolving, it is more important than ever before for web developers to use technical SEO practices in the creation of web pages and their content.

A good developer should use both on-page and technical SEO practices to ensure web pages garner attention from search engine pages.

A strong technical SEO foundation is vital for ensuring search engines are able to properly index and understand the content on your web pages. After all, what good is stellar web content if no one can find it?

Web Design – Choosing a Local Company Is Key

While you have many options when it comes to web design and SEO implementation, not all of them are created equal. We recommend you hire a local company to help you in the pursuit of creating new pages, updating current pages, launching PPC campaigns, or simply improving your SEO strategy. The following are some of the compelling reasons we make this recommendation.


When you choose a local web design company, you have the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face so we can create your project together.


Hiring a local web design and SEO expert allows you to take advantage of the knowledge they have regarding your competitors. We create a strategy that is driven towards rising above your competitors so you get more traffic.


We are experts at being able to generate local traffic. Why would you hire someone who knows nothing about your location or the community? We drive local traffic straight to your business.


Finally, when you hire a local web designer, you are investing in your own community, which is so important. Local companies such as ours rely on local clients to keep us doing what we do best.

Web Design – We Set the Bar High for User Experience

What would be the point of creating a webpage if it did not offer the expected user experience? Interest would quickly die and your pages would drop drastically in rank.

User experience is at the core of any successful webpage or marketing campaign. At the root of your website or pages is a specific purpose. If your pages are not meeting this purpose head-on, they are a waste of time.

We expertly target your audience and help you give them the experience that will make them a loyal customer. It is all about meeting the customer’s need and delivering the answer in an easy-to-understand format that provides all of the information they need.

Maintain Their Interest

The goal of any website is to get traffic. You want people to visit your website and keep coming back. So, how is this accomplished? As we stated, you must gain their attention right from the first second they set eyes on your site.

Web Designing Action plan

They need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and they also need to be able to rely on the information you are providing as being authoritative. This is where many website owners go wrong.

Content is key when it comes to audience retention. We will help you rise above the obstacles and identify the problem areas so these can be overcome. We work with you every step of the way, to ensure your site becomes an integral leader in your industry.

We Are a Canadian Web Design Company

We offer specialized web design to help you create a stunning website that will stand out from the crowd. We help Canadian business owners realize their dreams of higher traffic and better turnover. We will help you avoid customer attrition so you can retain your customer base and watch it continue to grow in numbers.

We are the web design and SEO professionals you can rely on for all of your web development needs. Allow us the honour of serving and helping you obtain your goals one page at a time.