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It is a common misconception that the practice of search engine optimization refers only to the content created and how selected keywords are worked into the webpage. While there’s no denying that web content is a valuable part of your website; you can’t have on-page SEO without the technical work. The word ‘technical’ may be something you shy away from, thinking it is something only the experts understand; however when you break this term down, you will see that it simply stands for search engine optimization which isn’t content. It makes it easier to deal with when you understand that it refers to sitemaps, robots.txt files, how you structure your website, and elements which may not have crossed your mind before.

Website Responsiveness and Speed

The term “pogo-sticking” refers to website users who bounce from one page to the next, hoping to find a site which they enjoy and can stay on without having to worry about slow response speed and pages barely loading. Research has shown that 40% of users will leave your site within 3 seconds if your site is not loading. Search engines bots will pick up on slow loading times and look unfavourably on it; they will deem your site unproductive, and you will drop down in SERPs, losing a valuable space, and customers in one go.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

This element is crucial, and in fact, Google announced in 2018 that ‘Mobile-First’ was rolling out. More than 60% of all search engine queries are now performed from a mobile device, meaning your design needs to be optimized primarily for these devices. Google, in particular, prioritizes user experience when its bots are crawling a site and determining its position on their SERPs. It means that if your site isn’t performing for mobile devices, Google may penalize your site, dropping you down through the rankings. By implementing technical SEO, you will optimize your site for this vital element.

Site Architecture

Technical SEO also takes into account the architecture of your website. This includes impossible to find metadata opportunities, robots.txt file/s, URL structuring, and much more complex tasks. Robots.txt, in particular, is a vital component of your sites’ architecture which the search engine spiders crawl for. These files will guide the bots through your website, helping them by pinpointing what you want them to see, to ensure you rise through the SERPs. Your sitemap is another crucial element of technical SEO, and it, by definition, is a guided tour through your site.

Technical SEO is your website’s foundation

In-house SEO Calgary

While working with our local Calgary SEO team, you can place your trust in a professional company who can optimize every technical aspect of your website, including the site’s architecture, the hidden data, and much more; creating the ideal journey and experience for every user. Every element of your website’s backend must be carefully analyzed. By allowing our team to ensure those needs are met, your site will become best ranked in all search engines.