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Web Development Techniques

Web development and technical SEO are the first steps that work into building your website. It’s how you create each page, how you connect everything, and how easy it is for search engines to crawl your site to find out what it’s ranking in the SERPs should be. Focusing on web development during the early stages of your website will make it easier for your site to be listed and to ensure on-page and off-page SEO techniques are going to be more effective.

Website Crawlability

Regardless of how much time you spend working with your on-page and off-page SEO techniques, they’re not going to help if search engines can’t crawl your website to find the information they’re looking for. Bots aren’t going to spend an unlimited amount of time searching your site to try to figure out what it’s about and where it might fit in the search results.

Technical SEO work will help you make sure Googlebots find what they need quickly on your website. This fundamental and crucial step can help rank keywords related to your business. They help make sure the bots can promptly crawl and index the site, helping them find all of the on-page and off-page SEO you’ve done to help boost the ranking for your website.

Coloured Buttons of Programming Languages

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Building a Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive

In 2015, around 31% of traffic on websites was on mobile devices. Today, more than half of the traffic to a website is going to be from a mobile device. The trend of using mobile devices to go online is expected to continue, as mobile traffic has remained steady at more than 50% since the first quarter of 2017.

All Devices

Responsive websites are websites designed to work well on any devices. They make it easier for people to navigate the website and to read information no matter what device the person is using. Responsive designs adapt whether a visitor is using a mobile phone, a tablet, a small laptop or a huge monitor with a desktop computer.

Bounce Rate

Websites today need to have a responsive design. This, really, is not optional anymore as a non-responsive design is penalized by the search engines and can cause a significant amount of people to back out of the website and look for something else, impacting the bounce rate of the website. A higher bounce rate impacts the potential ranking of the website as well.

Faster Loading Speeds for All Pages

The average time for a page to load today is between 3 and 7 seconds. While that might not seem to be too long, people today want websites to load as fast as possible. Around 53% of mobile users will back out of a page if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds. Ideally, websites should load in 1 to 2 seconds to encourage people to stay on the site.

Pages that load slower can be penalized by the search engines and might not rank as high because they’ll have a higher bounce rate. Focusing on faster loading speeds for all pages on a website enables the developer to ensure they minimize the bounce rate and encourage visitors to stay on the site as long as possible.

Clean Code for Search Engine Bots

Rich Clean Code

Search engines use crawling bots to go through all existing websites and rank them for various keywords. In 2014, there were 1 billion websites on the internet, and the number has only grown since then. Code that is poorly programmed, even if it works fine, makes it more difficult for the search engine bots to effectively search the website to find out what it’s about and where it should rank. If the bots have trouble finding the information they need, the site won’t rank highly. Cleaning up code increases the bot’s ability to crawl and index the website. It makes it easier for the bots to find information about the website, figure out the keywords that the site should be ranked for, and find all of the information it needs to determine how high to rank the website.

Search Engine Bots

Basically, the easier it is for bots to crawl the website, the more effective your SEO is going to be. While on-page and off-page SEO are going to impact the ranking of your website significantly, it cannot work as well if technical SEO is ignored. Technical SEO and web development are what makes it possible for the search engines to determine what the website is about and what keywords it should rank for. Work on your technical SEO and web development to improve your ability to gain a high ranking for your website.