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Off-Page SEO

Often referred to as “off-site SEO,” off-page SEO includes any action which is taken away from your website. While people may choose to focus entirely on technical or on-page SEO, this key pillar is not to be forgotten. Much like handing out a business card to associates at a networking event, off-page SEO will work in partnership with your website to improve the authority and trustworthiness of your site.

One vital element Google considers when ranking a website is how relevant it is and its reputation. By utilizing link building services, you can improve your website’s reputation, and how the search engine bots perceive you.

What is Google crawling?

Much like on-page SEO, there are similar elements when creating an off-page marketing strategy, such as using relevant keywords and creating exciting, engaging content. However, in addition to writing content, you now need to reach out to trusted, reputable websites who will vouch for your website, services, and products. By gaining the vote of confidence from fellow sites, your integrity, and authority as a market leader increases, which is highly significant for Google’s algorithms. The other critical factors Google uses to assess off-page SEO include:

White-Hat off-page SEO work is vital!

Backlink Profile

If you have heard of link building and backlinks, this is because it is these two factors which are at the very heart of off-page SEO. Google’s bots love when sites have confidence in another because it signifies that they find your content valuable and exciting. Carefully taking the time to create and nurture backlinks with relevant websites endorses your website as being one to visit

Guest Blogging

One way to ensure your message and brand reaches the relevant target audience is to implement a variation of backlinking called guest blogging. By reaching out and appearing on reputable, trustworthy sites, you will gain instant exposure to their high traffic, along with creating shareable backlinks. As mentioned above, Google particularly smiles upon shareable content, which will increase your visibility in the SERPs.

It is critical to remember when devising an off-page SEO strategy, that due to the behaviour and trends of your audience it’s not something you can begin and leave. Instead, it is something you need to build into a regular schedule, keeping up with industry news to adapt your technique accordingly. SERPs Calgary SEO services can implement your off-page SEO, ensuring it is fresh and relevant, instead of tired and dated. We take the hard work away from you, while keeping your standards and quality high.