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Introduction to SERPs Video SEO

A video is a convincing form of content that SEOs are using more than ever before. SERPs Video SEO services offer clients an easy way to combine visual and informative content directly on your webpage, into your blogs, or webpages.

Professionally built to enhance on-page and off-page SEO while addressing both the sales funnel and the buyer’s journey. You gain enhanced Webpage SEO and a Standalone Platform for lead generation and the ability to rank higher with improved user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

Video as Content

A standalone video on your webpage helps to drive internet searchers along the buyer’s journey. Add them to your website and webpages.

Adding Video boosts UX as more people have unlimited data offered to them from their service providers. You gain Improved UX, Rich Visual Content and lower bounce rate and improves dwell time due to increases in watch time.

Manual Video Setup for Websites

Context of Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research is vital, and the keyword must go into your video descriptions. Because search engine crawlers can understand speech, the keyword must also be spoken. Longer videos add value, and many SEOs recommend 5-10-minute videos. Longer videos also help to boost dwell time, and that helps your site to rank higher.

Context of Search Engine Optimization

When properly installed and designed into a website, video enhances UX. The key is matching keywords to content so that viewers engage with the content for longer periods. That process helps both on-page SEO and off-page SEO as quality videos are a positive way to attract backlinks.

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Context of Search Engine Optimization

Note: UX is a measurement of content value as it matches with keyword and keyword phrasing. If the match between content and keywords is poor, the viewer bounces. Google and other search engines reward good UX and demote poor UX. It is for those reasons that keyword research is essential during content planning, mapping, and creation. The other side of this coin is that videos that do not play correctly, or cause view angst also cause an increase in bounce rates Viewers move onto another video when there are problems with controls, function, etc. That is another reason why professional design for website video is essential. The reward for doing this well is better ranking which leads to better lead generation and more opportunities to move viewers down the buyer’s journey.

On-page and Off-page Video SEO

Context of Search Engine Optimization

Off-page SEO for video focuses on backlinks or embedding. Embedding occurs when someone values your content enough to add it to their site, blog, or content. That person can also be you, if you add your videos to your business blog. The negative is that poorly installed or set up video applications cause viewers to bounce and that can hurt website ranking.

Context of Search Engine Optimization

If you are using video as a means to boost website ranking, then the standard off-page SEO also applies from the website side of things. Website design and setup are even more critical when video is a standalone feature rather than part of written content. SEO’s are using video for both website ranking and as visual content.

Context of Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO for Video is more straightforward. It is all about the relationship between the content and the audience. It involves matching keyword to content so that viewers are not disappointed in the content. Remember that during the buyer’s journey, viewers are looking to solve a problem. Because keywords lead them to content the keywords must match the content and is purpose. The success of the video is seen in the measurements of the analytics.

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Where do you start?

Strategic Video Plan

Generally, a subset of your master marketing strategic plan and certainly individualized for each video you produce and publish.

Keyword Research

Both for tags and texts and also for verbal video content.

Off-page SEO

Valuable content is not only viewed but something that people want to link too or share. In the case of off-page SEO for videos, inbound links can come from many places such as your website, blog, or other companies.

Focus on On-page SEO

Videos should play well on all devices, play flawlessly on many internet speeds, and promote the marketing plan by enhancing UX.

Standard SEO

Plan for titles, keywords, tags, and a description.

Website Design

Google will rank content based on website design and functionality. Poorly installed video players, etc., can hurt ranking.

Learn more about the power of video on websites and through YouTube by reaching out to our team. We help businesses add quality video capabilities to their websites, and we make sure that there are no issues on the view side that could damage website ranking.