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There’s no denying that the root of boosting your visibility in any market, whether you supply industrial equipment or you sell luxurious homeware, is through effective advertising. While long ago, these adverts were mainly found in newspapers and on our television screens; who today reads the daily papers or even sits down long enough at home to watch the latest episode of our favourite shows? In the 21st century, our time is precious, and what free time we do have is spent scrolling through social media and browsing the latest news websites to get our daily fill of what’s happening in the world. It means that advertising needs to evolve and transform to reflect modern lifestyles, and one way it has done so is through the innovation of Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

PPC may be a marketing buzzword you’ve heard of, but you’re not quite sure how to implement it into your next campaign. By turning to SERPs PPC – Calgary Pay Per Click experts – you can rest assured that you’ll be guided through the journey of PPC, learning how to target the audience you want, and getting the best return on your investment. So what exactly is PPC, and how can it boost your business?

The Pay Per Click Model

While it may sound technical, PPC is essentially a way for a business to buy visits to their website. It was first introduced to the world of digital marketing as early as 1996, and since, it’s popularity has soared. It is in contrast to the organic visitors which clever SEO techniques can win your site, whereas search engine optimization is the use of a variety of tried-and-tested methods to boost your site for free, PPC does require investment.

When you undertake a PPC campaign, you will pay a fee for each click your advert receives. The fee can range from as little as $3 for every click, however, the return on your investment is limitless. For example, if you pay $3 for a click to your e-commerce store, and that click results in an incredible $400 sale, you’ve won back the money with an amazing profit. Who do you pay this fee to, however? It depends on the page where your ad is placed, but the most popular pages will always be the search engines

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After all, the place to truly enhance your site’s visibility will always be the place where they are searching for what you offer, and that will always first be on the giants such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Think of the last time you entered a phrase into Google’s search box; perhaps it was looking for a new restaurant or to purchase something special for your other half. It’s highly likely that an advert would have appeared on the page, tailored to what you want to see.

Of course, with any digital marketing model, there is a lot of time and effort which is undertaken to ensure it’s correct, it’s successful, and most importantly, that it brings in the much-deserved profit. Enlisting the help of a specialist PPC Calgary company will take the hard work away from you, meaning you have the time to dedicate on your business, allowing the concept and organization of the campaign to be in safe hands. The traffic and revenue PPC can bring your business is something to truly take into account when considering your next marketing strategy.

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Google Ads

You may be wondering how, as mentioned above, certain companies manage to place their adverts on the first page of Google. In 2000, Google launched it’s very own advertising platform, known as Google AdWords (Now known as Google Ads), and this changed the face of PPC into the giant industry that we see before us today. Google ads are, undoubtedly, the world’s most popular PPC advertising system, and it is for this reason why we work tirelessly to create winning PPC campaigns, tailored especially for this search engine.


It’s no secret that Google is the search engine champion; it even has its own phrase “Google it!” which everyone will be familiar with. Google ads work in a set way. When someone uses Google’s search tool, the Googlebots then crawl through the many advertisers (and this pool can be huge!) and chooses the business they want to appear in the very valuable ad space on the results page.

How a business is chosen to feature on the page comes down to a variety of factors, ranging from the quality of the campaign they are running, how relevant their keywords are and how much they bid on the keywords. However, these factors can be further broken down into two very specific ranking factors:

Cost Per Click (CPC) Bid

This factor is incredibly important, and it is where the majority of your PPC campaign budget will go if you truly want to hit the top spots. Cost Per Click stands for the price you pay for every click your ad receives. This amount can be set manually by you, such as bidding $3 per click, or you could aim higher and place $5 on a click. If you place a higher bid on your click, there’s a higher chance your advert will appear above a competitor who may have bid lower.


Quality Score

Your Google ads Quality Score is a specific value which factors into account how many people have actually clicked on your advert, how relevant your advert is to the search query, and what quality your landing page is. Your landing page, the page where a visitor will arrive once they’ve clicked on the advert, is one which you need to ensure you optimize and make as attractive and relevant as possible, to ensure this doesn’t affect your score.

The Complexities of PPC Campaigns

A Pay Per Click campaign is one which will be ongoing. It means that you can’t simply bid on a single click then hope for the best. Instead, it needs to be fluid; it needs to evolve, as for how people search will always be transforming. A PPC campaign needs to be continuously monitored, which sounds like a time-consuming job, especially if you have a business to run, a website to maintain, customers to serve and employees to manage. This is where a digital marketing agency can step in, and whether you’re local or not, Calgary PPC can do the legwork for you, freeing up your time for you to do what you do best, keeping your business running smoothly.

Managing a PPC campaign means you need to analyze your performance and make any changes quickly and efficiently. By reviewing how well each campaign is doing daily you will be able to catch what you’re doing as soon as possible, and you won’t be losing money on CPC which honestly isn’t working.

Google Ads Keywords

You may find you need to add further keywords to your campaign to help it reach the eyes which need to see it. Likewise, you may need to change your keywords or add negative keywords. Negative keywords are defined as ‘non-converting terms’ meaning they will boost your relevancy, they have received enough traffic, but they haven’t converted in a set period.

With a PPC campaign via Google ads; you can also undergo ‘Splitting Testing.’ Splitting testing is an important tool to utilize with a campaign, and it involves splitting your ad into smaller demographics, making your ad more relevant to certain groups, and making your whole campaign much more targeted. Using split testing, you can effectively boost click-through rates and your quality score in one go. However, it’s crucial to monitor and manage any split testing ad, which is where we can help. At SERPs SEO knows the best ways to split your ad to ensure you reach the desired audience, and what’s more, we can assess the performance and make the changes needed.

Utilizing Keywords

Research and Improve

If you already implement effective search engine optimization, you’ll be familiar with the importance of keywords. As important as keywords are for SEO, they are equally as vital for winning PPC bids. In fact, your entire PPC account will revolve and be built around keywords. It means that you will need to do detailed keyword research, to truly utilize each one to it’s best. While researching and finding a keyword once for your first PPC campaign may sound ideal, you do need to continually try to find more relevant keywords. What you should be doing is building a keyword list, one which you can refer to whenever you are creating a new project. This list will be invaluable, and while it may take longer than expected, the return on your investment will be worthwhile. By taking the time to truly research, you may find hundreds of low-cost, extremely relevant keywords, which will boost your chances of Google showing your advert next time someone searches for what you offer. For your keyword list to be very effective, it needs to be:


By making sure every keyword you plan to use is highly relevant to your landing page, and those searching, you won’t be paying for pointless clicks, where someone visits your page and decides what you offer isn’t what they wanted after all.

Feature Long-Tail Keywords:

The CPC on very popular and generic keywords can be very high, such as “white shoes.” By including long-tail keywords, these are less common and can be very relevant to your advert. It means that instead of “white shoes,” adding a long-tail keyword such as “white shoes in Calgary” would be a less competitive keyword, and less expensive to bid on.


Your keyword list should constantly be growing, as you add more and more relevant keywords, adapting the ones you’ve used and not found any success with, and changing to match the market trends. It’s not a list you can begin and stop after a few days. This is an ongoing list, one which you want to refine constantly.

At Calgary Pay Per Click, we take the time to understand your business inside and out, which helps us discover and correct keywords which will boost your next efforts. Not only do we take the time to research and explore the right keywords, but we also understand the difference between positive and negative keywords. As a PPC campaign can be a costly investment, we know how to get the best return on the keywords you choose, and we know to target your demographic with the keywords we find.

Packages and Pricing

The Creation of New Ads

A big mistake which many businesses fail to do is not taking the time to create new ads. This is especially true for those who already have a high-quality score for their current ads. After all, the ad must be doing something right, so why bother changing it? Creating a new ad can actually make a huge difference to your campaign. A brand new ad will continue to improve your click-through rate, boosting your conversion, and in turn, boosting your Google ads quality score.

You will effectively be giving the search engine more of your presence to call upon next time they are choosing who’s advertisement to show. However, you may not be able to track your current campaigns when you’re creating new ones, but we at SERPs SEO can monitor and assess how your current campaigns are performing while testing how well the new campaigns do.

Why Calgary Pay Per Click?

Turning to the experts at SERPs PPC will put your mind at ease when trying to understand the complexities of Pay Per Click. We can guide you through the introduction of Google Ads, and discover the best relevant keywords, boost your site’s visibility and click through rate, earning you a hefty profit. Don’t put the fate of your PPC in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand the way to get the best for your buck!