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Technical SEO

Build your website on a solid and structured foundation.

On-Page SEO

Make sure search engine bots are crawling your site.

Off-Page SEO

Make sure your information is accurate within the w.w.w.

SERPs SEO – Calgary & Surrounding Area

Are you looking for reputable & local SEO services but unsure exactly which agency to partner with? Have you been searching for local search engine marketers who can help create and develop your online presence with a useful & attractive website? SERPs SEO – Located in beautiful Calgary, AB. is assisting Calgarians with their online presence. We will improve your website/s or build new sites if necessary. We have the skills & techniques to help boost your website’s search engine visibility by utilizing our technical, on, & off-page SEO skills.

Our SEO and web design experts will help guide you through launching and branding or rebranding your online business. We can help take care of everything digital! With our expertise and range of services, we will be by your side to guide you through every step of the way.

Exclusive Features

We use high-speed, dedicated cloud servers to host your website/s & you can rest assured it’s a very safe & reliable Canadian web hosting environment. Our servers are SSL certified and are guaranteed to have quick webpage load times. By having a responsive and secure website, your visitors will visit your site, again and again. Search engines tend to favour websites if they are fast and safe for all users. SERPs SEO utilizes green powered renewable energy to host our websites.

If your website ranks well and earns a first-page result within search engines, you now have a winning presence and a successful business. We are here for all your digital needs, from engaging & informative content writing, attractive & attention-grabbing web design, plus successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Our Primary Services

Multiple Designs of SEO Imagined

Technical SEO

Without this crucial step, you’ll have a hard time ranking against your competitors. You need a fast, responsive, clean-coded website.

Far Away View of SEO Experts

On-Page SEO

From content writing to relevancy in your internal/external links. SERPs SEO will help you with years of experience and expert methods.

White Dreams of SEO success

Off-Page SEO

Your website is just a business card without off-page work. We will be helping you with off-site techniques you may have never thought of on your own.


Backlink Outreach

Your backlink profile is vital for ranking your website. We’ll execute the best link building campaign to boost your pages in all search engines.


Pay Per Click

Undertaking a PPC campaign can be a time-consuming, costly affair. Our experts can help your business grow without breaking the bank.


Web Development

Clean code is not an issue. We’re the leaders of web development in Calgary; we only test sites with the best tools on the market.

Logo Design Technical SEO

Web Design

Designing a website without having it ranked above the fold is almost a waste! We will design your website with SEO in mind at all times, making sure your site becomes a great return on investment.

Web Design Calgary Alberta

Logo Design

Our talented and experienced graphic designers will take care of the research for you. Leave your branding and online marketing to SERPs SEO. It’s our job to create and brand your online business.

Copy writing Calgary Service


Content is not king, but very close to it. If you can create astonishing web copy, then you’ve already won half the battle. Search engines are smart, and so is SERPs SEO when it comes to web content!

Businesses are Online

In today’s modern, technology-loving world, if your business isn’t online, you are missing out on reaching an enormous audience. It’s no secret; instead of trying to discover a business by walking around town or reaching out for a telephone directory, potential customers will now type in a query in their favourite search engine. These lightning-speed search engines provide instant results, and to get your website and details on the first page; you need to implement a range of digital marketing methodologies. SERPs SEO dedicates ourselves by creating incredible websites, but it doesn’t stop after we’ve built the site. With our professional knowledge and expertise, we can make sure your site is optimized to gain the best results.

Our established SEO services can optimize all aspects of your website. It will have the best technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. We make sure potential customers will find you. When building the perfect site, we don’t miss anything, and we can ensure that our websites can pass 99% of professional SEO auditing tools. In addition to our Calgary based SEO services, also offer professional web copywriting. The effect of great content cannot be ignored, and our team can create an engaging, entertaining, and informative copy, both for your website and for link building campaigns. When using our content writing services, you can rest assured that both search engine algorithms and visitors to your site, will love what we’ve written, making them want to come back for more.

Mobile Web Development

With mobile web browsing taking over the visitors viewing your site from their desktop computer, it’s vital that you are ready for the influx of users from their mobile devices. We know how to optimize and create the perfect mobile-ready website, and we understand the factors very well, which search engines will take into consideration while ranking your site. A mobile-friendly interface is a huge factor for search engines, with user experience (UX) being one of the ways they assess and rank your website. Our team knows how to ensure your images and text are responsive.

We understand the length of subheadings and the reasons behind them. SERPs SEO can optimize all images, so they are easy to scale up and down. We use incredible frameworks for mobile responsive websites, & guarantee any mobile user will have the perfect experience when they visit your site. Your website is manually verified on multiple devices before completion of your project.

Backlink Acquisition

Take very good care of your backlink profile.

Pay Per Click

Make sure your campaigns are well optimized.

Web Development

Website development and technical SEO are vital.

Unique Methods

We also offer a backlink outreach service, which is an essential off-page SEO technique. Outreach includes creating relationships with fellow reputable sites, building your authority, guest blogging, and undertaking successful link building campaigns. Our Search Engine Optimization team can ensure that any connections we make to help with your link building campaigns are with highly relevant, trustworthy sites, where the content will make a mark and increase the traffic to your site. It is a valuable part of SEO and one which you can’t avoid.

From the very beginning of your web design-build; SERPs SEO helps assess, analyze, and recognize solutions which meet your needs. While SEO for many, brings to mind content writing, our team can ensure you that there are many steps needed before on-page SEO even starts. The technical part of SEO is vital, and without a professionally built foundation; your web copy won’t make it anywhere as search engine bots will never get to it.

You can have the best content out there but if search engines can not crawl your website, then what’s the point? Technical SEO which is ignored far too much, includes hidden meta-data and code we implement into your website. This code will not only help your site run smoother, as well as giving your visitors an incredible experience; but it will boost your SEO rankings more than you ever thought it could.


The competition online is continuously growing and evolving. There are over 1.5 billion websites currently, and this number increases daily. What does this mean for your business? Quite simply, it means you need a site which grabs the attention of your visitors, has all the crucial elements to keep them on your page, and it needs to get your business ahead of your competitors. There are two vital factors to any website; appealing to the visitors, and appealing to search engines. Without one, you won’t achieve the other.

Using outdated SEO techniques will only get your website penalized, and no one wants that! With the ever-growing website population, there’s no time to learn as you go. Instead, you need to hit the ground running; your website needs to burst onto the scene and make its mark from the get-go. How can you achieve this goal? By turning to Calgary’s SEO and web design experts – SERPs SEO.

Did you know that website users stay on your page for less than 1 minute, making up their mind, whether or not to stay? Your website needs to ensure all visitors arrive on your page and decide within that time, that this is the site for them. It’s a minimal time-frame, and it’s one which you can’t leave up to chance. You’ll need to own a responsive webpage, which loads quickly, and one where the colours and design are a priority. We can help! We will create an attractive website to convert visitors into customers.

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