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SERPs SEO offers excellent technical, on-page, off-page, local, and national internet marketing services. We are your local Web designer and Calgary SEO company. Our web development team creates websites to make sure they rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We also help generate more exposure for Calgarians with innovate content marketing creation. Google loves fresh web-content. Googlebots want to crawl sites that engage! Unique researched web-copy is vital! If you are going to compete in today’s market, you need a strong marketing strategy that boosts your search engine rankings and gets your website placed in front of relevant potential clients. Old-school sales methods do not function so well anymore.

SERPs uses a wide range of marketing tools that optimize your content and improve your website’s visibility. Why let someone else take your customers? Now is the time to increase your bottom line with a marketing strategy that has proven results. To find out more about our services, contact us today at (403) 383-0153

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Our Primary Services

Technical SEO Calgary Alberta

Technical SEO

Without this crucial step, you’ll have a hard time ranking against your competitors. You need a fast, responsive, clean-coded website built by SERPs SEO.

ON Page SEO Calgary Services

On-Page SEO

From content copywriting to relevancy in your internal/external links. SERPs SEO will help you with our years of experience and expert methodologies.

Off Page SEO Calgary Services

Off-Page SEO

Your website is just a business card without off-page work. We will be helping you with off-site techniques you may have never thought of on your own.

Copywriting Calgary Services Calgary Alberta


Content is not king, but very close to it. If you can create astonishing web copy, then you’ve already won half the battle. Search engines are smart, and so is SERPs SEO when it comes to web content!

Pay Per Click Services Calgary

Local SEO

Local Calgarian SEO campaigns are where SERPs SEO excel the most; we love working with local, smal to medium sized businesses. Local SEO is not only hard work, but a craft just the same.

Logo Design Services Canada

National SEO

National SEO campaigs exist to cater to larger, and more aggresive business owners. We can help your business rank in major cities Canada-wide no matter what your Google my Business address says.

Backlinks Outreach Services Calgary

Backlink Outreach

Your domain’s backlink profile must be healthy while ranking your website. We always execute the best link building campaigns to boost your site within all major search engines.

Web Development Technical SEO Services

Web Development

Clean code from your website’s foundation up, is not an issue. We are a leading web development company here in Calgary. We audit, test, and fix our websites with the best tools on the market. 

Web Design Services Calgary Alberta

Web Design

Designing a website without having it ranked above the fold is almost a waste! We will design your website with SEO in mind at all times, making sure your site becomes a great return on investment.

Is Your Website Properly Optimized for the Web?

According to HubSpot, 61% of companies say that improving their online presence is now their top inbound marketing strategy. The companies that succeed see SEO as more than just an expense. Instead, it is an investment with a healthy ROI.

Google is continually making efforts to rank sites according to the quality of the content – not just a bunch of words thrown together.

Customers respond to websites that are easy to use, have a clean design, and have readily scannable content.

Websites with only a few words or a couple of paragraphs on each page end up on page ten of Google searches, not page one.

If you don’t add to or update your website regularly, newer sites may come along and rank higher than yours.

SERPs offers internet marketing services that are geared towards boosting your online presence and converting your visitors into customers. We provide a wide range of marketing options that will help you get the website and the online visibility you have always wanted.

Technical SEO

Build your website on a solid and structured foundation.

On-Page SEO

Make sure search engine bots are crawling your site.

Off-Page SEO

Make sure your information is accurate within the w.w.w.

Technical SEO

A website is only useful when search engines can index it, and potential clients can find it. Optimizing the site to ensure this is the case is where the technical work comes in. It’s nothing more than altering the website so it can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines, but it goes much further than this. It is also the starting process by which search visibility is improved.

We examine your sitemap, robots.txt file, .htaccess file, and much more during this process to ensure all guidelines are met, and established within Google Search Console. Google has made a lot of changes with their most recent Search Console version and SERPs is very familiar with it! Website speed is also analyzed during this process, as a slow-loading page or site leads to a loss of traffic. A mobile-friendly website has become crucial today. More people make use of these devices rather than laptops or desktops, and the site’s architecture must make it easy for visitors and search engine crawlers to find what they need quickly.

These are many ways technical SEO can affect a site’s performance and its position in the search engine results. Structured data ( perfecting URLs, inserting many types of code snippets which will stop your website from intertwining with others, and the list goes on.

On-Page SEO

The SEO title is an essential element on all webpages, and the title needs to meet many standards. For example, it must be clear and concise and use the targeted keyword near the beginning to attract the attention it deserves. Furthermore, the keyword needs to be repeated in the first 100 words of the content if it fits naturally and should be used again further down on the page. This is one of the many elements within search engine optimization that needs to be considered to help a page move up in the search engine results pages, and there are numerous others. You may want to try changing your page title once in a while to see if it helps your positioning in the SERPs.

Outbound links to authority sites are used by search engines to determine the relevancy of a page, while inbound links help the user navigate the site. Both need to be included for a better search engine ranking. However, a business needs to do more to ensure the potential client remains on your website once he or she arrives. Having very good on-page work completed can help your site a lot more than one might think.

Rich media helps to engage visitors, but the images, infographics, videos, and audio must be optimized to guarantee they get noticed by the search engines. More than a quarter of all searches are now image searches, so don’t discount the importance of this one task or any associated with on-page search work. We can be of assistance if your website is lacking in this area or any other related to on-page search engine optimization.

Off-Page SEO

Business owners cannot focus only on their website when it comes to improving their ranking within search engines. Off-page SEO is as important as ‘one’s on-page efforts. The search engines look at numerous factors to determine a site’s relevance in the industry, its authority and credibility, and its popularity, and off-site factors play a huge role. When a reputable website or page on the net links to your website, they’ll verify the quality of your content.

Some industry insiders believe Google weighs off-page factors more heavily than on-page elements today, although nobody has yet to see the actual algorithms used by the search engine giant. Backlinks are the most common off-page element today, but they aren’t the only one. The search engines also look at other factors. Social media marketing, for example, is considered now, as the engines recognize the importance of social signals concerning a site’s popularity. Brand mentions are likewise found along with posts from prominent guests.

Here is where influencer marketing benefits a company as well. All demonstrate others are talking about the company and doing so in a positive way, and the search engines rank the site higher as a result. Our team works with clients to ensure they are not falling behind in this area.

Three Search Engines

We’re Adding So Much Importance Towards Search

At its core, search engine optimization is an approach that we take to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. We determine what keywords and key-phrases people type or speak into Google search, to find what they’re looking for, and if your business and brand are relevant to the search query, then there’s a much larger possibility for earning a new website visitor.


The quality of traffic is the type of visitors who are genuinely interested in the services or products you offer. The people who land on your website are there because they typed in a specific combination of words in Google.


The quantity of traffic is the number of people that visit your site. It is also the number of people that return to your website after finding your business the first time.


Organic search results are search results for your website that occur without you paying for them. Instead of shelling out money for massive marketing campaigns, people naturally find your business instead of your competition. They do this by typing in the right combination of keywords.

Search engine optimization is essential because it helps searchers find your site, stay on your website, and return to your site. We combine functional web design with clear and concise web content. This approach makes your site optimal for finding and viewing, i.e., optimizes your website for search engine results.

According to Google strategist, Andrey Lipattsev, top-quality content reinforced by strong components (linking, metadata, etc.) pointing to your site are the essential elements that Google uses to rank your website. If you are not producing top quality content, then all of your efforts to create your site are in vain.

Local SEO

Take very good care of your backlink profile.

National SEO

Make sure your campaigns are well optimized.

Backlink Outreach

Take very good care of your backlink profile.

Our Recently Built SEO Ready Websites

Backlink Outreach

Backlinks to a site don’t simply happen, especially when it comes to small businesses. While the Calgary herald and other significant and similar sites often get backlinks with no effort on their part at all, this isn’t the case for smaller organizations. How can a company go about obtaining backlinks from reputable sources? Our team reaches out to reputable webmasters either by email or phone to make this happen.

Earning backlinks is the toughest part of off-page SEO or maybe SEO altogether, but it’s very well worth it. Once you earn enough quality backlinks you’ll soon see your website progress in search engines. SERPs SEO familiar with backlink outreach services, and we will get this task completed for your domain / website.

How can a person know if a site is reputable? This is where our team steps in. Examining the metrics with the right tools for each potential backlink partner is one thing that must be completed. Nevertheless, knowing which metrics are important and how to spot potential spam site is essential, and this is only the beginning. Our team takes on these tasks for the client to ensure only reputable sites are selected for this purpose. Furthermore, we determine what actions should be taken on the part of our client to encourage a relationship of this type.


Original and relevant copywriting is essential to draw customers to your website. Additionally, it needs to leave them wanting to explore this site to learn more and come back in the future when more information is required. Quality is of great importance when it comes to copywriting. The web-copy must be created with both the search engines and readers in mind — knowing which keywords to use and when it’s critical concerning copywriting. However, many businesses struggle in this area.

One reason this task is so difficult is the business doesn’t know which steps to take to create outstanding content. It is more than simply putting words on a page or stuffing keywords into the content. While these techniques may have been effective when the internet first launched, now they lead to a site being penalized by search engines. Sadly, many companies have yet to realize this and continue to use these techniques.

When search engines look at the content on a site, they want to ensure it is relevant to the business. An auto mechanic should not be putting articles related to medical topics on his or her website. Once it has been determined this is not the case, the search engine then looks to see if the material is unique. Recycled content ranks lower than original web-copy. Finally, the search engine determines if the content answers a question the reader might have or provides a solution to a problem the viewer is experiencing.

Calgary SEO Business Man Winning

Web Design: Building Your Brand


An attractive, clean format that attracts your visitors


Easy navigation where your visitors never have to guess what to do next


Website design that targets your buyer persona


A super-fast platform where each page loads quickly


Website design that is optimized for potential customer conversions

User Experience

SEO Content Marketing: Boosting Your Visibility



Essential components an online marketing company uses for webpage optimization are keywords and key-phrases, and I think we all know that by now. We perform an exhaustive keyword assessment based on frequent keyword searches in Google. We then add them to your content in a way that is natural and does not seem forced.



What type of content do your readers like to see? Content that has short sentences, short paragraphs, bullet points, and simple words. Your visitors are likely to stay on your website if the content is easy to read and flows well.



Did you know that most people do not read web pages? Instead, they scan them to do a quick search of what they are looking for. We structure your content in a way that allows readers to find what they need without getting frustrated.


SEO Components

We include all necessary SEO components such as meta descriptions, internal & external links, alt-attributes, keywords, and key-phrases. We also add city locations and commonly searched words that are relevant to your industry. We arrange all SEO components in a way that makes reading your content a positive experience.


Call to Action

No web page is complete without a Call to Action. This is an invitation to all your readers to contact you and find out more about your products/services. A Call to Action typically includes your phone number and email address or a link to your contact page.

50% of all Google searches are four words or longer. What does this mean for your website? It means that you need a strategy for adding the right keywords throughout your content. This includes your paragraphs, headings, meta descriptions, and your calls to action.

Our strategy is to help you use these words in a way that feels natural in the content. We can help you create content which reflects your style and voice while incorporating the right keywords and other elements into your website. With all the proper components in place, SERPs SEO can help you create the perfect website that truly reflects your company’s brand. We take your vision and fine-tune it into a website that is as attractive as it is functional.

Calgary SEO Business Man Winning

Keeping Your Company And Brand Relevant

Since 8 out of 10 shoppers conduct online research before purchasing a product or service, it means that ranking high on Google is crucial for business success. The only way to continue to rank high on Google is to provide your website with fresh content and updated information. This is an ongoing process that never ends. However, you or your team may not have the experience, training, or time to keep the content coming.

SERPs’ content management system monitors and refreshes your content as necessary to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates. We manage your website and organize your content using a step-by-step system that includes:


Developing a Content Plan

We can map out your projects and set you up on a workable calendar. You may want to add web pages, insert features, schedule blogs & articles, or grow your website in other ways. SERPs SEO can keep you on track with web design & content planning.


Creating Content

Give us your ideas for your new web pages and content, and we will bring them to life. We can help you produce structured content that ranks well on Google and converts potential clients into loyal customers.


Ongoing Optimization

Just because your website is up and running, does not mean that the job is done. SERPs SEO works tirelessly to optimize every element of your website. We monitor and analyze your website’s performance. We then determine how we can make it better.


Personalize Your Site

As we get to know you and your company better, we can find ways to help you distinguish your brand. We offer lots of tools and strategies to personalize your website.

Banner with Icons and Keywords

Benefits of Hiring Local!

The Internet is a complex infrastructure that is always evolving – sometimes by the minute. Much of this development is due to changes in Google’s algorithms. It is not necessary for you as a client to understand the algorithms yourself. [SERPs SEO] is always using Google’s best practices.


Better SEO helps you reach your customers and broaden your market


You don’t have time to worry about SEO – digital marketers do


The return on your investment pays you back tenfold


Experienced professionals know how to apply SEO principles properly


Our SEO saves you money in the long-run


Free coffee during WordPress training

When you hire us, we look at your website from different perspectives. A positive result has a well-rounded approach that you can’t find with just any Calgarian internet marketing service.

Web Development

Website development and technical SEO are vital.

Web Design

Build a website which users are not going to click the back button.


Write fresh and new content which Google has never seen before.

Businesses are Online

In today’s modern, technology-loving world, if your business isn’t online, you are missing out on reaching an enormous audience. It’s no secret; instead of trying to discover a business by walking around town or reaching out for a telephone directory, potential customers will now type in a query in their favourite search engine. These lightning-speed search engines provide instant results, and to get your website and details on the first page; you need to implement a range of digital marketing methodologies. We dedicate ourselves by creating incredible websites, but it doesn’t stop after we’ve built the site. With our knowledge and expertise, we can make sure your website is optimized to gain the best results.

Our established SEO services can optimize all aspects of your website. It will have the best technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. We make sure potential customers find you. When building the perfect site, we don’t miss anything, and we can ensure that our websites can pass 99% of professional auditing tools. In addition to our local SEO services, we also offer professional web copywriting. The effect of great content cannot be ignored, and our team can create an engaging, entertaining, and informative copy, both for your website and for link building campaigns. When using our content writing services, you can rest assured that both search engine algorithms and visitors to your site, will love what we’ve written, making them want to come back for more.

Mobile SEO

With mobile web browsing taking over the visitors viewing your site from their desktop computer, it’s vital that you are ready for the influx of users from their mobile devices. We know how to optimize and create the perfect mobile-ready website, and we understand the factors very well, which search engines will take into consideration while ranking your site. A mobile-friendly site is a huge factor for search engines, with user experience (UX) being one of the ways they assess and rank your website. Our team knows how to ensure your images and text are responsive.

We understand the length of subheadings and the reasons behind them. We optimize all images, so they are easy to scale up and down. We use incredible frameworks for mobile responsive websites, & guarantee any mobile user will have the perfect experience when they visit your site. Your website is manually verified on multiple devices before completion of your project.

You won’t rank very well in search engines without a mobile-friendly website. SERPs SEO builds to rank. We have found that over half of local searches have local in-mind. Search engine algorithms are now mobile index first. Unlimited data plans & sophisticated smartphones are making it easier for everyone to use their mobile phones for search.

We will help you generate more contact form leads and have more potential clients calling your business phone than ever before. Our Calgarian web designers/developers know that to succeed with mobile Calgary SEO, you’ll be needing a mobile responsive HTTPS website.

SEO Infographic

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Unique Methods

We also offer a backlink outreach service, which is an essential off-page SEO technique. Outreach includes creating relationships with fellow reputable sites, building your authority, guest blogging, and undertaking successful link building campaigns. Our Search Engine Optimization team can ensure that any connections we make to help with your link building campaigns are with highly relevant, trustworthy sites, where the content will make a mark and increase the traffic to your site. It is a valuable part of SEO and one which you can’t avoid.

From the very beginning of your web design-build; SERPs SEO helps assess, analyze, and recognize solutions which meet your needs. While SEO for many, brings to mind content writing, our team can ensure you that there are many steps needed before on-page SEO even starts. The technical part of SEO is vital, and without a professionally built foundation; your web copy won’t make it anywhere as search engine bots will never get to it.

You can have the best content out there but if search engines can not crawl your website, then what’s the point? Technical SEO which is ignored far too much, includes hidden meta-data and code we implement into your website. This code will not only help your site run smoother, as well as giving your visitors an incredible experience; but it will boost your SEO rankings more than you ever thought it could.

Be Content Rich

Content is how you help visitors answer questions. Your website’s content should answer your visitor’s search queries. Our Calgary SEO copywriters can and will help with this difficult task. Writing the perfect web-copy is not easy for anyone, and we will test and recreate content as much as it’s needed to get to the top of the search engines.

Those examples of titles represent questions that a user to your website might have. That is a shortlist. The richer the content library on your site is, the more chances you have to convert visitors to buyers.

Calgary SEO Business Man Winning

Why Work With SERPs SEO?

The competition online is continuously growing and evolving. What does this mean for your business? Quite simply, it means you need a site which grabs the attention of your visitors, and has all the crucial elements to keep them on your webpage; it needs to get your business ahead of your competitors. There are two vital factors to any website – appealing to the visitors, and appealing to search engines. Without one, you won’t achieve the other.

Using outdated techniques will only get your website in trouble! With the ever-growing website population, there’s no time to learn as you go. Instead, you need to hit the ground running; your website needs to burst onto the scene and make its mark from the get-go. How can you achieve this goal? By reaching out to Calgary’s SEO and Web Design Experts – SERPs SEO.

Did you know that website users stay on your page for less than 1 minute, making up their mind, whether or not to stay? Your website needs to ensure all visitors arrive on your page and decide within that time, that this is the site for them. It’s a minimal time-frame, and it’s one which you can’t leave up to chance. You’ll need to own a responsive site, which loads quickly, and a user experience where the colours and design are a priority. We want to help you! We will create an attractive website to convert visitors into customers.

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