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Logo Design is a Key Factor in Business Success

An active business needs to start with a strong logo. When building up a brand and customer base, a well-designed logo can help to create a following. A logo should be attention-grabbing, memorable and a representation of what the business stands for. A logo can encapsulate the values, beliefs and mission of a business all within a visual graphic. It is essential to consider how a logo will look on products, advertisements and other company displays. The look of a logo can trigger emotional responses from customers. Specific colour and shape patterns within a graphic can influence the mood of a person. It is critical to create a logo that is going to promote positive feelings because that will lead to positive feelings about the business.

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The logo for a company is much more than just a small mark. The logo is likely to be the first contact that customers have with a business, so it is crucial to get the design right. A lot is riding on a successful logo design, which is why this work is best left to a logo design firm. There are several options for a logo, but they all fall into one of five main categories: symbol, word, letter, combination or emblem. Knowing and understanding each of these five options can help businesses hone in on which one might be the best fit for their brand.


This is a straightforward approach to creating a company logo. The brain can process and remember simple symbols much more efficiently than something more complex. The image that can be used for a symbol can have some style added to it, but also will have some direct connection to the company name or flagship products. Large companies often use symbols, and there may be different variations of the logo used for various marketing campaigns. Companies like Apple, Pepsi and Nike, are all excellent examples of how a symbol can be the foundation for a highly recognizable brand.

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It has been well documented that businesses have about 2 seconds to convince customers that the company and its products are worth considering. This is where a symbol can be put to good use by capturing the attention of the customer which will lead them to learn more about the business and what is being offered.


This is another simple approach to creating a logo that can grab your attention. When businesses decide to go this route, there is often a custom font that is created specifically for that business. This font can then be used across all of the marketing materials that will be created. The word logo also lets people know right off the bat who the business is. This type of logo really helps to create a positive first impression with customers, and it can help communicate a ‘certain’ ownership over the products and/or services that a business is offering. Companies that have successfully used this type of logo include eBay, Facebook and Sony.

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For some businesses, using the full name of the company might not be a good option for a logo. Some business names are too long, some are too difficult to pronounce, and others just simply might not work to convey the image or message that is needed with the logo. For these cases, using a letter logo can be a good option. This type of logo usually takes the initials from the company name and combines them together to form a unique symbol. Using letters can create a very unique graphic, and it can be a very positive way to build a brand identity. The color, tone and font of a logo can influence the emotions of customers, and the right combinations can also start to tell the story of the company. Taking some time to envision a letter logo on the top of letterhead, on the landing pages for the business website and on business cards is a good starting point for this type of logo.


A business may get to the point where it seems that a combination of a word and symbol is going to be the best approach to creating a new logo. Many companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Adidas have successfully taken this approach. This type of logo design allows for a bit more flexibility in the creation process because the best of both elements can be combined.

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Businesses ultimately want the customer to connect the logo with the brand, and using a combination logo is a unique approach for that task. The logo should evoke positive feelings about the business and the experiences the customers have, and a combination logo is also an excellent way for customers to remember the name of the company so that they can share those experiences with others.


This is the other very widely used approach for creating a logo. An emblem is a type of shape or symbol that has the company name or initials encased within it. Many professional sports organizations such as the NFL and the PGA of America have successfully used this type of logo. One goal of a company logo is to separate from the competition and have something that will stick out and be memorable for customers. Creating an emblem is a good approach because it is something that can be very recognizable which provokes customers to make the association with the business. Emblems are also a great tool to build up brand loyalty as the various professional sports organizations have demonstrated.

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Logos are essential to businesses because it is likely the first contact point for customers. A logo should be visually appealing, memorable, and designed in a way that conveys the overall values and mission of the company. A logo is a way for customers to get to know the company and recognize the brand across multiple marketing platforms. Successfully designed logos can set businesses apart from the competition and build brand loyalty for years to come.