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The entire point of search engine optimization (SEO) is to rank your website high up on the first search engine results page (SERP). If you own one of Calgary’s hundreds of small businesses, struggling for the top spot on Google search for your targeted keyword; then you landed on the right webpage. The digital marketing landscape changes almost daily, and you need experienced, technically savvy SEO experts on your team. So, welcome to SERPs SEO — a top Calgary SEO service agency with the experience and technical expertise necessary to bring your business’ website out of obscurity and into the light of ranking on page one.

SEO Strategy that Brings You Customers

At least 93 percent of your potential customers start with a search engine query. Google runs more than 3.5 billion search queries each day. More than 2 million new business blog posts launch on the internet daily. With so many searches and so much potential competition. How do you rise to the top gaining qualified leads that turn into buying customers? Unless you have all day to stay on top of every search engine’s latest algorithm changes, then you’ll need expert help. SERPs SEO helps you attack this hurdle from four main angles:

An in-depth SEO audit combined with an understanding of your digital marketing goals

A deep, technical, and continuously updated knowledge of how search engines operate

Research about your potential customers and how they engage with search engines to find you

Surveillance on your competition’s digital marketing efforts to help you gain the competitive SEO edge

Each of these four elements is essential to achieve success through SEO. Every piece of your online marketing real estate (website design, text and graphics, backlinks, social media, directory listings, online customer reviews, etc.) must be fine-tuned so that search engines can immediately identify your website as:


Highly relevant to the person running the search query and,


A respectable, high-quality site that makes their using their search engine a good experience for their customer (who also happens to be your potential customer)

All these aspects need to be taken into account and optimized for your business’ website to rank high on a prospective customer’s first SERP.

The truth is search engines, more than ever, stand between you and your customers. But unless you can afford to take several hours out of your busy workday to conjure the SEO techniques that rank first on search engines, your customers may never know your business exists. On the other hand, you can potentially boost your leads and sales from 25 to 40 percent if you implement an intelligent Calgary SEO strategy with the techniques, tools and methods that we can add to your digital marketing plan.

SEO Best Practices to Rank on the First SERP

When was the last time you actually searched for something and even scrolled past the first few entries on the first page of search results? Probably never, right? The same goes for your potential customers. At least three-quarters of them never look beyond the first SERP. Even if you make it to the second SERP of 1,487, it’s an empty victory; you’re still virtually invisible to your target customers. If you want to bring in new customers, you must rank on that first page, and preferably at the top!

Search engine gurus tell you that a wise, customer-focused, long-term SEO strategy using “white hat SEO” techniques will help you rank on the first SERP. So, why do so many businesses following these rules still fail to rank first in SEO? Because the search engines aren’t telling you everything, and you don’t have time to try reading their minds—and search engine algorithms are changing many times daily. For most business owners, it’s too steep a cliff to climb.

Lethbridge SEO Infographic

With that frustration in mind, some website owners try to “game the system” with “black hat SEO” tactics like keyword stuffing, shady backlink building, etc. In the end, this runs afoul of Google’s algorithms and best practices, causing Google (and other search engines) to send your listing down into the invisible SERP levels.

The ideal SEO strategy involves using all the white hat SEO best practices with a hefty dose of technical expertise that can only come when you work with a Calgary SEO expert whose business is keeping up with search engine algorithm changes daily.

You Just Can’t DIY SEO

If you try to “save money” by not taking advantage of the constantly-updated technical expertise of an SEO expert, you run the risk of accidentally using “black hat” tactics without even realizing it. This can end up costing you your business by damaging your chances at ranking on the first SERP. In the end, it’s far more expensive to try and do it all yourself.

Many SEO mistakes will occur, and much time will be wasted; you’re best off investing in a professional SEO company. Besides, you don’t have time to follow all the algorithm changes that dictate where the black, grey, and white SEO tactics conflict or intersect.

We Adapt to SEO Algorithm Changes for You

Google makes more than 3,000 algorithm changes every year. Some of these small tweaks may or may not impact your digital marketing efforts from day to day. But eventually, Google makes changes that can send well-performing websites to the second page in moments. So, your SEO strategy from last month may not work anymore. And unless you follow these algorithm changes all the time, you may not even realize you’ve lost your footing on the first SERP. Our certified SEO experts stay current with algorithm changes and trends daily so you can focus on your business expertise.

Although Google, Bing, etc. don’t publicize their secret algorithms, we know what ranks well and what doesn’t, placing us in a prime position to boost your SEO significantly. For example, Google gives higher priority to companies whose digital marketing includes:

Relevant, well-researched, regularly-updated keywords and phrases in strategic places

Domain ownership is steady, with no previous black-hat penalties

Well-organized website structure and contents

No outdated links, 404’s or other website errors

High-quality, in-depth, long-form content

Location relevancy signals that shoot to the top of local Calgary mobile searches with “city pages,” current contact details and maps

Fast loading speeds, particularly on mobile devices (Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites and content)

Fresh, customer-focused content that is regularly updated

High-quality, authoritative backlinks from other quality websites

An active, growing collection of positive customer reviews and social media likes, shares, etc.

Focus on Your Business First

The best use of your precious time is creating out-of-this-world web content and ridiculously delightful customer service. That will help you generate a positive buzz among customers which can boost your SEO.

We can also apply all the SEO tools necessary to float your business to the top of the first SERP such as: social media, blogs, PPC, rich snippets, long-tail keywords, online reviews, online ads, video marketing, shares, likes, maps, and other new techniques that can boost your SEO. Successful SEO campaigns are not a one-time effort. It’s a constant, daily effort that works best when your business has a certified SEO strategist on board.

Beating Your Competition to the Top SERP

Great SEO doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your competition has an SEO strategy too, and our SEO experts take that into serious account during our research to optimize your digital marketing efforts.

To explain how this works, let’s look at one example: bakeries. If you type “bakeries in Calgary” into a Google search, you see Google’s selection of their first three listings, with a map showing their location. Those three bakeries are the “SEO winners” for today. Scroll down that first page, and you’ll see lists compiled by directories like Yelp and Trip Advisor. If you go back up to the mapped listings and can click on “more places,” you’ll see a list of 15 bakeries; yet we know that there are more than just 15 bakeries in Calgary. Scroll to the bottom of that first SERP, and you’ll see that Google has ten more pages for this search.

What kind of SEO strategy got those first three bakeries on the list? When you search for your product or service, where does your company’s listing rank? How is it positioned in relation to your competition?

Banner with Icons and Keywords

Although Google and other search engines are continually trying to improve their algorithms to provide searchers (your potential customers) with the most relevant search results, while shutting down the “black hatters”, the system isn’t perfect, and sometimes the competition will try to edge you out by using “dark gray” tactics at the very least. It’s essential to be aware of that and adjust your SEO strategy so that you don’t run afoul of whatever algorithm is operating at any given time, while also keeping the edge over your competition. Again—staying on the top of the first SERP is a constant struggle you can’t win without advanced SEO experts on your side.

Acing the search engine algorithm secrets is a constant technical and strategic challenge. But then, so is acing your particular business expertise. Unless you’re superhuman, it’s too hard to do both well. Knowing that providing excellent products, services, and customer experience is essential to your SEO. But, if you want to see your business ranking at the top of the first search engine results page, contact SERPs SEO today for help reaching your Calgary internet marketing goals.