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Linking between relevant websites helps to bring in more traffic. This method can help boost the optimization of a website, helping it rank much higher. Site owners will want to make sure they cultivate authority backlinks for their website to help improve the site, draw in more visitors, and boost the ranking for their website in the search engines.

Backlinks are inbound links to a website. They connect the site to relevant articles from other websites and help boost the authority of a website. More backlinks will tend to show that the website is more popular. However, the backlinks need to be quality backlinks and as many as possible should be from an authority website. These are websites that are already highly ranked and seen as experts on the subject.

Are Backlinks Helping SEO?

Part of SEO is a popularity contest. While it’s possible to boost your ranking if your website doesn’t have a lot of visitors yet, sites with the highest rankings have many more visitors each day. The amount varies depending on the keyword and how often people search for it. When a website has more backlinks, it appears to be more popular to the search engines.

The backlinks do need to be quality links, however. Quality backlinks are those that are relevant to the website. Quality is just as important as quantity, if not more. If the backlinks are from random sites that aren’t relevant, they’re not going to help the website nearly as much as links that are from authority websites. Search engines don’t want to see a ton of links that have nothing to do with the site, they want relevant links.

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How Can a Website Owner Obtain Backlinks?

To get backlinks, the website owner needs to work with other website owners. They’ll need to find websites that are relevant, then ask the website owner to link to their site. Website owners can contact local bloggers and others who write about related topics to request a backlink. However, one issue with doing this is reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links are done when two website owners decide to link to each other’s website. In certain is fine, but the website owner needs to be sure the results will benefit them as well. They don’t want to trade links with just anyone. The website they request a backlink should be relevant and shouldn’t already have an abundance of backlinks on their site. Again, this is where quality over quantity matters.

Does Linking to Your Other Websites Help?

Website owners who have multiple websites might want to link one site to another. This is typically okay, but there is the potential for issues. Backlinks need to be quality backlinks, so the websites that are linked together should be about similar topics or should at least compliment each other. For instance, if a website owner has a site about cooking and one about being a parent, a link, in this case, would not be a good idea.

This should be done sparingly, if at all. The search engines can see which websites are hosted on the same IP address, which means they’ll know the same person owns the sites. They typically won’t count these links as quality backlinks. On the other hand, they won’t hurt the website’s ranking as long as they are used sparingly, so they can help bring traffic from one site to another. More traffic can help boost the website’s ranking.

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Educate Yourself and be Careful!

Many backlinks ‘can’ be added at any given time, as long as they have been earned, while respecting Google’s best practices. Websites that ‘do’ gain a ton of backlinks which are not relevant to their website are risking more negative results – as the search engines get smarter. Spammy or shady backlinks are not going to boost your rankings at all, they may even hurt you in the form of a penalty! Depending on how the backlinks are secured, if they are proven to be obtained with shady practices, your website can be removed entirely from search engines. SERPs SEO staff will definitely make sure your backlink profile is clean. Slowly acquiring quality backlinks can have a much more significant impact on the ranking of the website.

Backlinks are crucial today for website owners who want to ensure their website ranks highly in the search engines. To build quality backlinks and boost how much the links can do for the site, owners will want to work with a company that helps build the links. SEO experts like use a white-hat, natural outreach effort to help cultivate quality backlinks for any website.